Quality control

Pet Food Production in Austria - in modern production plants and after the latest hygienic standards

All raw materials are obtained from experienced, reliable from Austria and Europe and then processed, integrating environmental considerations, in our modern production plant.

For us, quality management is not just a word, but a true company philosophy. Our credo is to ensure the latest hygienic standards, safety throughout the complete production process and the traceability of all used raw materials. 

Top Quality Pet Food

At Austria Pet Food, quality comes first. Our company takes pride in setting the highest standards in the production of dog and cat food. To ensure that every product leaving our facilities meets our customers' expectations, we undergo strict quality controls.

From the selection of raw materials to the packaging of each individual product, every step of our production chain undergoes rigorous testing procedures. We only work with carefully selected suppliers who share our high quality standards. Each production process is supervised by experienced professionals who ensure that all steps are carried out in accordance with strict regulations and standards.

Furthermore, we continuously invest in modern technologies and training programs for our employees to ensure they are familiar with the latest developments in quality assurance. Our customers can rely on every product they receive from Austria Pet Food not only meeting the highest quality standards but also meeting the needs and preferences of their beloved pets.

Quality Management


At Austria Pet Food, product quality in the interest of our customers is paramount. Risks associated with quality deficiencies, such as those resulting from contaminated raw materials or processing errors, are mitigated through stringent internal quality standards. These standards are continuously monitored through recurring audits for certification renewal according to the International Food Standard (IFS), comprehensive audits by customers, as well as through internal quality management.