The specialist for manufacturing Pet Food in cans

Individual Recipies for your Dog and Cat Food

Austria Pet Food is an absolute specialist in producing canned dog and cat food. Together with our customers we create and develop specific recipes and packaging concepts. Subsequently we manufacture these products for our clients with great care and according to qualitative criteria of excellence, all based on jointly-developed recipies. 

We offer a set of varieties / recipes using different raw materials including all essential vitamins, minerals and additives for cats & dogs. Together with our clients we are aiming for the optimal combination of ingredients, texture and taste. At the same time we guarantee the best price-performance ratio.


Chunks in Gravy

Products & production process

Our mission: "To produce high-quality canned wet food for dogs and cats - Made in Austria"


  • One of the most successful European pet food start-ups

  • Around 100 employees working in a 3-shift / 6-day operation

  • High degree of automation - continuous improvement of the error rate

  • Austrian labor and quality standards

  • Raw materials of excellent quality

  • Regional European supply partners

  • IFS-certified - International Food Standard

All our products are qualified to the specifications of FEDIAF.

For further and detailed information, which recipes and variations can be produced for you, please contact our Sales organisation. 

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High-quality Paté products in cans

Austria Pet Food has been producing high-quality whole meat Paté products since the end of 2020. This investment is directly related to consumer’s desire for a balanced, nutritious food that optimally meets the health and longevity of life needs of dogs and cats delivered in the best possible way. With these products, the range has been expanded, especially in the medium and high-end segment of pet food. In addition to the existing 400g cans, we now offer another can format of 800g.

Production process based on the standards of the Good Manufacturing Practice

All our pet food products is manufactured based on the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice and by using the latest quality and product safety standards. They are preserved only through heating and without the use of artificial preservatives.

The high quality level applied in all production processes has been certified by extensive internal and external quality audits.

Your pet food products are in the best hands with us! Manufactured without animal testing.

All our products are developed and manufactured without the use of animal testing. This means that during the development and production of our products, no harm is caused to dogs and cats. This is confirmed, among others, by PETA Germany e.V., an animal rights organization that has taken a very intensive approach to this issue. Our company has been included on PETA's published list as a 'manufacturer without animal testing'.

Production area
9.000 m2
Production capacity
up to 150 million standard units
Made in Austria
Quality Principle
(International Food Standard)