Flexible Packaging and Logistics of Pet Food

Canned Dog- and Catfood with tailored outer packaging and transport packaging


High quality, safe packaging solutions combined with maximum efficiency and variability are the cornerstones of the packaging solutions we offer to our clients.

After the production, the pet food is being bottled in high-quality cans.

We develop tailor made solutions for outer packaging (trays, shrink-wrapping) and transportation packaging (different kinds of palletizing) together with our clients. A key advantage of our packaging line-up is also that we offer sorted trays with up to 4 different flavours per tray.

We provide the packaging best suited to your needs!

Packaging & Logistics


  • Excellent location for supplying all Central and Eastern European countries
  • Established and tested logistics network operational for these countries
  • Order-Shipping-Billing process optionally based on EDI

Flexible Logistics Options


Tray Packs:

  • 400g: 20 pcs. / 12 pcs. / 6 pcs. – single variety & mixed
  • 800g: 12 pcs. / 6 pcs. – single variety & mixed
  • 415g: 20 pcs. / 12 pcs. – single variety & mixed
  • 1240g: 12 pcs. / 6 pcs. – single variety & mixed


Pallet Options:

  • Standard Euro
  • One-way pallet
  • DD Düsseldorfer
  • CHEP
Production area
9.000 m2
Production capacity
up to 150 million standard units
Made in Austria
Quality Principle
(International Food Standard)

What to expect

At Austria Pet Food, we view packaging and logistics as crucial elements of our company philosophy. We strive to not only produce top-quality products but also ensure they reach our customers safely and efficiently.

When it comes to logistics, we prioritize efficiency and reliability. Our sales team works closely with trusted transportation partners to ensure our products arrive at their destination on time and in perfect condition. We continually optimize our supply chains to reduce delivery times and minimize costs, all without compromising on quality.

Through our dedicated efforts in packaging and logistics, our customers can trust that they will receive not only high-quality products from Austria Pet Food but also a first-class service that exceeds their expectations.