Wet pet food worldwide on the rise

Austria Pet Food is investing in the construction of its pate line, targeting a rapidly growing and highly interesting segment.

An expert analysis in the world's leading pet food industry magazine, "Petfood Industry News," concludes in its current issue that wet pet food is gaining market share worldwide. While it has long been a significant market segment, wet food has for many years been clearly overshadowed by dry food. However, in recent years, the category has shown significant growth and has caught up significantly. Additionally, the pandemic-related increase in pet food sales in 2020 has further contributed to the market share gain of wet food.

"We have indeed seen that the wet pet food category grew 50% more than the overall market last year," says one market observer. This growth is happening worldwide and is expected to continue. By 2022, another increase of about 6% is forecasted, largely driven by the growth of wet food for cats. This trend is also evident in the USA, the largest and most important pet food market, driven primarily by wet food for dogs.

Of course, the COVID pandemic in 2020 has shaped this trend. Overall, there was increased growth in the pet market, but growth in wet food was much more sustainable than in dry food. For example, in the American market, wet food gained 2.1 points of market share between April and August 2020, while dry food lost 3.6 points.

Where does this trend come from? Experts say that the wet food category benefits primarily from increased interaction between owners and pets. This trend was further amplified during the pandemic and its associated impacts on people and their daily lives. "As pet owners spend more time with their pets, consumer behavior changes - such as the desire to make their pets' diets more varied and higher quality. Wet food is not only a treat for cats and dogs. It provides complete and balanced nutrition and has additional benefits such as promoting healthy hydration and supporting pets in feeling full," say nutrition experts.

They also point out that cats and dogs want more than just taste. Texture, aroma, shape, and size are also important to them and are decisive factors in how much they enjoy eating. All of this suggests that the wet food category will continue to grow. In conclusion, the analysis by Petfood Industry News states, "Wet pet food is better for the pet and its nutrition, takes up less space on the shelf, and owners increasingly like and appreciate it."

Since its inception, Austria Pet Food has focused 100% on the wet pet food segment. Last year, we expanded our production of high-quality dog and cat food with a new production line of pate/allmeat products in cans. These new products are currently being rolled out in the market and successfully positioned. Canned pate products have become a growth driver for high-quality premium products in wet pet food. With our new, high-quality, and natural range, we can perfectly serve this trend for our customers, animals, and their owners. True to our motto, "We are here to serve your needs," in the coming weeks, we will work together with our customers to develop and position specific success concepts and products that will further promote the importance of wet pet food in the global pet market.