Austria Pet Food celebrates its 10-year anniversary, while simultaneously breaking ground for the production expansion.

On Friday, April 14, 2023, Austria Pet Food celebrated its 10-year anniversary. Simultaneously, the groundbreaking ceremony for a comprehensive production expansion took place during the festivities.

Ten years ago, Austria Pet Food commenced the production of high-quality wet pet food in cans at its newly established facility in Pöttelsdorf. Since then, nearly 1 billion cans have been filled and sold worldwide. Today, the company ranks among the flagship industrial enterprises of Burgenland. This year, a revenue of approximately 57 million euros is targeted, with nearly 100 employees currently employed at the site.

Now, the Burgenland-based company is expanding its facility in Pöttelsdorf into one of the most modern and largest in Europe, with an investment of approximately 35 million euros. The focus will be on high-quality pâté/all-meat recipes in cans. Production capacity will increase from nearly 60,000 tons per year to up to 90,000 tons, creating 50 new jobs.

On Friday, April 14, at a ceremony held at the company's headquarters, attended by more than 100 representatives from business and politics, as well as the entire team of the company, the last 10 years were celebrated, and the groundbreaking for the production expansion was inaugurated. "Since 2013, we have continued to evolve every year. Today, we export pet food to customers throughout Europe and also to three other continents, generating approximately 57 million euros in revenue. The team has laid an excellent foundation through hard, very good work, from which we are now embarking on the next growth phase," said Managing Director Bernd Berghofer. Project initiator and co-owner Mag. Otto Bruckner added, "Over 15 years ago, we had the vision to build one of the most modern and best production facilities for pet food 'Made in Austria' in Burgenland. Today, we are exactly that, and it is very gratifying to see that we are now taking the next step in realizing this vision."

Regional Councillor Leonhard Schneemann also expressed delight at the successful development during the ceremony: "Today is a good day for the economic location of Burgenland as well. Austria Pet Food is a ten-year success story, and the investment for expansion also means a significant enhancement of the Burgenland economic location with 50 additional jobs and through collaboration with other Burgenland-based companies."

In the future, in addition to the existing target market, international supermarket and discount chains, there will be a greater focus on pet food specialty retailers and e-commerce platforms as customers. The expansion is financed by the owners of Austria Pet Food, a Burgenland banking consortium comprising Raiffeisen Landesbank Burgenland and Bank Burgenland, with support from AWS and the Economic Agency Burgenland.